After the death of Michael Jackson I saw a doll with a beautiful outfit by Michael. I tried to copy it but the result was terrible. This was the beginning of my collection of outfits for the Michael Jackson doll. I try to sew an outfit exactly as the original. Most are inspired by the photos that depict him with the outfit. There are also numerous paintings or photo montages that show him with beautiful imaginative outfits. I love the challenge to make these outfits accurate in every detail. Often it takes weeks to get all materials I need. I obtain them from all over the world. Mostly I'm not satisfied with my work and then I make a lot of changes or do it again from scratch. I am often asked where one can see these dolls. That's why I created this page which I want to expand gradually. I wish you a lot of fun looking at them.

December 2013 Claudia Kwiatkowski